Creative Visualizations

Creative Visualization

What does it mean to creatively visualize something that you want in your life? If you are having problems getting what you want you might want to try and focus your attention in a different direction. Creative Visualization is the art of using your imagination to create and consequently manifest a new reality. Design new life scenarios any way you want. Use your mind to create pictures and new thoughts that correlate to your desires. You have the power. You are an artist with hidden abilities.

Most of us are aware of what we want on a conscious level (though some people are out of touch with their true desires). We think about what we want to manifest but when it doesn’t happen we come up with reasons or stories to rationalize our disappointment. “It was never going to happen for me,” “I was in the wrong place” or “it was the wrong time.” Even more dangerous: “nothing works out for me.”

No matter how many disappointments you have had in the past your life can change now for the better. You can start the chain of events to attain whatever you want right now. It all begins by focusing your thoughts and using your imagination. A simple recipe. It takes discipline to train your mind, but the results are well worth it.

Write down what you want to create in your life with as many details as possible. These details help ignite the imagination, to generate images of the life you desire. Next and often left out, but KEY is to fuel your pictures and images with strong passion and emotion. This is the secret to creative visualization. They fuel your rockets of desire. The universe picks up your signal and helps bring your request directly to you. Anyone knows that if you are lost on a desert island you send out signals to get someone’s attention. Weak signals means no rescue. And just like waiting for a rescue you don’t do it once and give up. You keep trying and trying. Repetition is key.

We would never have learned to walk if we gave up after our first few falls. We kept trying and repeated our efforts. Eventually, we were walking on our own two feet. We all forget this simple lesson. It is no different for the things we want to attain now. The universe is waiting for us to send out our signals. Assume responsibility for what you are harnessing in your mind on a daily basis for that will play out into what is happening in your life each day. I prefer to create beautiful scenarios exactly as I want them to be.

When we were young we called this ‘daydreaming’ and allowed our imaginations to flourish. Many of us lost this ability as we “grew up.” We lost a treasure when we turned this part of ourselves off in the name of practicality. Old thinking and behavior equals more of the same in our lives.

Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” So use your imagination to create your most amazing life. It is a powerful tool leading to your own personal treasure.